Qarlbo Energy

Decarbonisation is one of the most important goals for the world and one that requires significant change in the way we generate and use energy. Using fossil-free technologies to produce green hydrogen will enable us to decarbonise many areas of industry and society that today depend on fossil-based solutions. Qarlbo Energy strongly believes in the role of hydrogen in this much-needed transformation. The focus is on investments in companies addressing decarbonisation through the means of hydrogen. Qarlbo takes an active ownership in their investments which are made for the long term.


Nilsson Energy is a pioneer in hydrogen-based solutions and specialists in designing, developing, integrating and optimising hydrogen solutions for all types of use, cases and industries.


Hydri is a hydrogen refuelling company addressing the transport industry. Currently establishes Sweden's first network of green hydrogen filling stations. The first station will open in 2024.